forresteilandForrest Eiland grew up and currently lives in Austin, Texas. Forrest is happy to be an Austin native and loves the city’s vibrant culture. Austin has a range of things you can do like listening to live music, eating out at a mix of restaurants, stopping at a record store or much more. Forrest Eiland then went on to Lubbock to attend college at Texas Tech University. Forrest got his Business administration degree in Management and learned important skills that would set him up for a career in business management. He worked directly with business owners and saw how to operate a business from their perspective, a valuable lesson that has helped Forrest with his current job. Forrest Eiland then moved back to Austin and now works at New Home Sale as a Community Consultant where he guides potential homebuyers through the process of their initial visit to their demonstration and loan processes and works with the homebuyers during the construction and closing phases all while ensuring their experience is memorable through the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Through Forrest Eiland’s life he has found that to manage a successful business you have to have strong work ethic and be motivated. Forrest is an avid reader and enjoys content from speakers and authors like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, John Maxwell, and Joel Osteen. SUCCESS Magazine was started by Darren Hardy and has since become one of the most popular publications worldwide for motivation and success in the business world.

SUCCESS Magazine

SUCCESS Magazine strives to deliver the most unique outlet of thought leaders and success experts from the past and present and distills information from these sources to help readers with their personal successes in life and work. SUCCESS Magazine gets in touch with great leaders of the present and allows readers a unique look into their life and what makes them successful. The magazine interviews up and coming entrepreneurs, CEOs of top companies, life coaches and other great leaders to connect with the reader in a personal way and give them the tools and motivation to achieve their goals.

Some of the most influential leaders in Forrest Eiland’s life have talked with SUCCESS Magazine. Below is a list of these leaders and popular publications from them.

  • Jim Rohn- Jim has published works like The Day That Turns Your Life Around and Take Charge of Your Life and Challenge To Succeed all of which are bestsellers.
  • Brian Tracy- Brian is best known for his success training courses in the form of CDs like Total Business Mastery and The Power of Clarity.
  • John C. Maxwell- John is a leadership expert and in addition to his many seminars he has written works like Winning With People and Leadership Gold and The 21 Laws of Leadership.